May (ex_ollivande895) wrote in climate_teen,

AL GORE: Global Warming Testimony @ Congress, 3/21/07

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Cool, thanks, Ollivander (can't wait for 7, by the way, that's a reference to Ollivander the wand maker, right? I hope it is or... *blushes in embarrasment*)! Also, just scrolling through the comments on youtube, one of first ones is:

"Diseases happen more offen in colder periods. The black plague sweep across the world after a mini ice age with people enclosed together for long periods. Greenland was named by the Vikings because it was a great warm period for farming back then. Thousands of years ago there was no pole ice cap and life survived very nicely. I will take global warming over a mini age any day."

The first point, about disesase: I live in a nice, foggy, coastal city. Not much disease, not much that can't be cured. Many doctors are now predicting that the heating up of climates like mine will make it an ideal habitat for tropical nasties like Malaria. As for the rest of the comment...