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What are they waiting for?

From Stop Global Something pro-active we can do!

Stop Global Warming Virtual March

The climate crisis will be the biggest challenge facing the next president. But the hosts of the top Sunday news programs don't seem to think so. Hosts like Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos and Wolf Blitzer have completely ignored this urgent issue but have spent time asking questions to Presidential candidates about UFOs, baseball and even jewelry (diamonds or pearls?)!

Here is the breakdown on the numbers since January 2007 for the five top political reporters:

Number of interviews and debates: 170

Number of questions: 2,938

Questions that mention global warming: 4

Result = Disaster for our future!

The head of the UN Panel on Climate Change recently stated, "What we do in the next two or three years will determine our future." The decisions made by our next president will make all the difference. So what are these reporters waiting for?

Please sign the petition (sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters) and tell the reporters to focus on the human race, not the horse race. These petitions will be delivered to the candidates next week - so be a part of this important effort today! Global warming needs to be a priority issue in the election.

Act today. And tell your friends!

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